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ribbon leis for
class of 2024 graduation

$15 each (1).png

Celebrate your graduate’s special day with this ribbon lei made with MMHS colors! This 45" ribbon lei is made with blue and yellow 5/8" satin ribbon. Leis will also come adorned with "2024" in glittery gold numbers and the MMHS logo.

Last day to order is Tuesday, April 30th!


Orders will be available for pick-up* on the following days/times in front of the main office:

  • Friday, May 31 (4:00-5:00pm)

  • Monday, June 3 (5:00-6:00pm)

  • Tuesday, June 4 (5:00-6:00pm)

*Please text Class of 2024 PBO President Belinda Clanor at (858) 967-0345 to make alternate pick-up arrangements.

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